Chemical Barrier Treatments

Statistics show that termites attack one in three homes, and can cause significant damage in as little as three months. Termite damage is not covered by household insurance. Should you become aware of any termite activity do not disturb or treat the termites or their workings in anyway, but contact Sandy Straits Pest Control to provide you with a free quotation for a suitable termite management programme. We offer a wide range of termite solutions for your home or business in Hervey Bay, Maryborough or the Wide Bay area.

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Sandy Straits Pest Control can offer you the choice between a chemical treated barrier with either Termidor or Bilfex termiticide, or a baiting programme using the Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System.

Our chemical treated Termite Management Barriers are applied around the base and footing areas of your home. Your treatment will depend on whether you have concrete around your home or soil areas, or maybe both. Our technicians may have to drill your concrete and inject the termiticide into the soil area, then cap the holes with either plugs, or concrete. Soil areas around the base and footing areas of your home are trenched and treated with the termiticide, then filled back in.

Termidor is a non-repellent termiticide, meaning termites cannot detect the chemical in the ground, and works by the “Transfer Effect™”. While foraging through the soil, the termites come in contact with the chemical and then the affected termites transfer Termidor to others in the colony, by contact, grooming and exchange of food, which helps to eliminate the colony.

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Biflex is a synthetic pyrethroid repellent termiticide. Biflex Termiticide quickly kills any termites it comes in contact with. Biflex provides a protective force field around your home. When termites forage through the soil and come in contact with a termite management barrier treated with Biflex Termiticide, they are repelled from the treated area and die.

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