Combined General Pest Treatment


Our Combined General Pest Treatment covers your basic household pests of Cockroaches, Silverfish, Ants, & Spiders, including Red-back Spiders. All our work is guaranteed. We offer a 12 month warranty on Cockroaches, Silverfish, and External Spiders, and a 6 month warranty on Internal Ants.

In most cases you don’t need to do anything to prepare for your Combined General Pest Treatment. You don’t need to leave your home, unless you or your children are sensitive to chemicals. Your pets will need to be removed outside while we complete your treatment. We also ask that you removed their food and water bowls away from our treatment area. Once the chemical is dry, usually about half an hour, it is safe for them to return.


Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your home for any harbourage areas, like kitchen cupboards, in the drawers, under the sink, and behind refrigerators. They will discuss any areas and problems they find during our inspection with you. Once our technicians have done a thorough assessment of your home, we can commence our treatment.


Our treatment consists of a full internal treatment, including roof void, and external wall voids (if accessible), and a full external treatment. Internally our technicians will treat the ceiling void, with a low toxic insecticidal dust with our cordless dusting machine, and apply a low toxic insecticidal dust in kitchen cupboards, linen cupboards, and built-in robes.  A low toxic insecticidal surface spray will be applied to skiting board areas.  Our external treatment consists of dusting the external wall voids (if accessible) with our cordless dusting machine. A low toxic insecticidal spray is applied to gutters, eaves, window frames, door frames, and external patios. The external perimeter around the base of your home will be sprayed with a low toxic insecticidal spray to create a treated area of protection.

Call us today on 4125 1939 about our discount Combined General Pest Treatment for Cockroaches, Silverfish, Ants, and Spiders.